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5 Alternatives to Solar Advertising

Attracting the right customers to purchase products is the foundation for a successful business. Creating a solar advertising strategy is crucial for potential sales.The solar advertising strategy does not need a large budget to implement. Using different types of solar advertising alternatives can help in creating an effective campaign. Every business owner understands sales create profits. Finding potential buyers requires the right combination of advertising strategies and reputation of the quality of solar system product.

Solar advertising plans can cover a variety of areas to reach potential buyers. Researching and planning are the best way to begin any type of advertising campaign. Without proper preparation, any type of advertising campaign could cost a solar installer business time, money and loss of potential sales.

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Target Audience

Knowing the target audience is the most important aspect of any type of business advertising campaign. A solar installer must understand the potential buyer. The main question to ask before starting an advertising campaign: why is the buyer willing to invest in the solar system product? By knowing the reasons behind the investment, the advertising campaign can help entice the customer to complete the purchase.

Under most circumstances, solar panel buyers will fall into one of two categories.

  • The frugal person who wants to save money on monthly utility bills.
  • The environmental conscientious person who wants to help eliminate harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Creating an accurate target audience profile will help in finding the right type of advertising strategies.

Solar Advertising Alternatives

After creating the target audience profile, the next step is finding the right type of solar advertising alternatives to reach a lot of potential customers.

1. Free Products

Potential customers enjoy free products. The free products do not have to be large items. The idea is getting the solar installer name out to the public. An installer may begin by attending local home shows, fairs or other public events to display solar panel products. In order to draw a potential customer’s attention, offer a free product.

The imprinted products need to supply the customer with basic information about the solar panel business, including the company's name, the point of contact and website information. If the product is large enough, include an address and a catch phrase. Adding the information to various inexpensive products helps promote the business.

  • Ink pens
  • Keychains
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Reusable grocery bags

Passing out small items allows the person a chance to review company’s website at a later time. The free product is a constant reminder of the solar panel company’s information. Each time the person uses the water bottle or grocery bag in public, others will be able to view the company’s information.

2. Increase the Social Media Use

Social media is a valuable resource for solar advertising. Creating business pages allow for potential customers to view all the necessary information about solar panel products.

  • Increase visibility with relatable photos. Photos of solar panels may not entice an individual to stay on the page. Photos of beautiful sunrises and sunsets invite a person to view the information about the importance of solar power.
  • Use hashtags sparingly. Hashtags allow for an individual a chance to find the page’s content. Using too many hashtags may give the viewer the wrong impression.
  • Create inviting headlines to promote the business.
  • Post at different times of the day for maximum coverage.

Social media has the potential to reach millions of customers. In order to be effective, the potential customer must stay on the page.

3. Use Lead Generation Tools

Using lead generation tools helps build a potential client list without wasting a lot of time and money on solar advertising campaigns. Leads can come from a variety of sources.

  • Referrals from other clients
  • Contact us forms to entice call of action requests
  • Hosting webinars pertaining to the benefits of solar panel usage
  • Live chats on social media
  • Social media
  • Third party affiliates
  • Hyperlinks within the blog, on social media platforms or the company website
  • Link back to the company’s website with a special offer or discount

4. Add a Blog to the Company’s Website

Having a company website allows for potential customers to review the solar panel systems, adding a blog can drive more traffic to the site. As more individuals frequent the site, the potential for sales increases.

  • Maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by posting a blog post regularly to increase Google search rankings.
  • Show off the company’s expertise in the solar industry.
  • Use customer testimonials to show how the solar panels help the average individual save money.
  • Introduce the solar installer team in a blog to familiarize customers with employees.
  • Use the blog to answer frequent questions about solar panels.

Every blog is a chance to inform the public about the benefits of installing solar panels. Adding blogs is an inexpensive solar advertising alternative.

5. Use Videos

Many people are visual consumers. Adding videos to a blog, social media or company’s website provides valuable insight into the product and the business. The videos can represent different parts of the solar panel aspect.

  • Guide to the installation process
  • Explanation on the workings of solar panels
  • The importance of solar panels to the environment
  • Views of homes and businesses with solar panels

The important part of each video is attracting interest. By keeping the individual on the page, the chances of sales increases.

Implementing an effective campaign may require a combination of different alternative strategies for success and lead generation. The best part of alternative solar advertising methods is the inexpensive cost. Blogs and widespread social media use are minimal costs to begin and maintain. A solar installer will be able to receive a higher return on investment by using cost-effective methods to advertise.

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