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Lucas Fraser

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Three Must-Do Tips When Training Solar Salespeople For Success

Topics: Solar Sales, Solar Business

Quality salespeople can make or break your solar installation company. Why? Because they are the face of your company. They make up the first interaction with your company for most customers, and they are the go-to contact throughout the entire sales process.

First impressions last. For most customers, the first conversation they have with your salesperson is the impression they will have of your company. No need to worry, we have put this guide together to make sure your sales team is prepared to meet this challenge!

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Does Your Team Have the Right Solar PV Licenses? Here's How You Can Tell

Topics: Solar Installation, Solar Business

If you live in the USA, you probably need to be licensed to install solar PV systems. There are a few reasons for this, but most importantly it is to protect homeowners. Unlicensed installers may cause unnecessary damage to homes and endanger those living there. As a result, most states require an electrician's license at minimum, and many recommend or require further solar installer certification. Here's what you need to know.

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3 Tips to Make the Most Out of the Winter as a Solar Installer

Topics: Business growth, Solar Sales, Solar Business, Marketing

Summer is the best time to make solar sales. The weather is good, sun's on people's minds, and there is no snow. 

But when winter comes around, it can be hard to sell anything. Not only because it's freezing outside, but customers aren't thinking about solar energy when there is snow on the roof!

However, it CAN be a great time to put in some hours, because your competitors will be taking it easy. There is no better season for getting a leg up on your competition than the winter, so here are our...

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Is it Better to Make One Perfect Quote or 10 Average Quotes?

Topics: Solar Tool, Solar Sales, solargraf, Solar Business, Video

Is it better to make 1 perfectly accurate quote or 10 somewhat accurate quotes?

This is a very common question, and the answer is that sales is a numbers game. The more quotes you get out there, the more likely you are to make sales! If it takes you the same amount of time to make 10 average quotes as it does to make one perfect one, then make and send 10!

It is better not to send out any truly inaccurate quotes if possible, but they do not need to be 100% perfect on the first contact. It is always possible to make revisions once you have piqued the interest of your potential buyer.

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Why do solar installation companies with the right software do so well?

Topics: Business growth, Solar Tool, Useful Links

Design tool, quote software, CRM, project management system, sales accelerator, lead service. What do these have in common? What do they all mean?

The right software can be the difference between a scrappy startup and an established solar installer. Every interaction with a customer - from introduction, to proposal, to signature, to installation, to maintenance - affects your brand. Good software is designed with this in mind, and makes every step easy and professional. With this in mind, picking the right software is an important decision.

What are all of the different options available for solar installers, and which do you need for your business?

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4 Ways Your Solar Customers Would Benefit from a Short Term Loan

Topics: Solar Sales, Solar Business

Solar arrays can be expensive. Solar installers have the pleasure of helping customers make decisions about how to finance their installation. In our experience, many customers may be more satisfied with a short term loan. Here are some advantages that you can use to help your customers make the decision.

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