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Ryan Wagg

Ryan has been part of the solar industry since 2014 focusing on the lead generation business. Being the point of contact for hundreds of solar installation companies, Ryan brought the best feedback to understand how to always move the software forward. If you get the chance to be on the phone with him, you can probably ask any sport stat and he’ll come up with the answer right away. And we do mean, any sport.
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4 tips your solar competitors don't want you to know

Posted by Ryan Wagg on Feb 23, 2017 3:03:54 PM

Solar panel sales are a competitive field. In order to get ahead of the solar competitors, a solar installer must focus on the needs of the client to close the sales. As with numerous marketing strategies a solar installer must know when to share valuable sales techniques. Every solar installer will have an individual approach in finalizing the sale.

Many solar installers want to keep different aspects to solar panel sales a secret from other solar competitors to provide a maximum sales growth in a given area. For example, a solar installer will keep a potential sales area private. By not allowing solar competitors to know about the potential sales area, a solar installer may view an increase in sales.

Along with keeping a potential sales area private, a strategic solar installer will not share the type of promos or incentives he uses to close his deals. Every solar installer needs a way to make the final sales pitch to the potential client. Providing a one of a kind rebate is the perfect way to finalize the sale.

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