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4 steps for better solar leads


You think 2017 was a big year for solar?

You’ve haven’t seen anything yet.

While global markets grew by 26% in 2017, new research from the Global Solar Data Hub predicts the global solar market will hit triple-digit numbers for the very first time this year. So one thing is clear: homeowners are interested and ready to invest.

But how do you find and reach out to all of those potential customers?

How do you cut yourself a healthy slice of the proverbial solar industry pie?

Here are five tried-and-tested tips for widening your reach and boosting your leads.

  1. Cross-reference for the best leads

Kick things off by using a mapping app to locate high-quality roofs. We recommend you start by identifying south-facing roofs, as they often yield the highest output. Next, enter the address in Solargraf for an initial glance at their billing and utility information. From there on, you can calculate and evaluate solar potential and use a reverse-search website like 411.com or Whitepages to find contact information and start prospecting.

  1. Streamline your quote process

One of the things we hear most from our Solargraf customers is how cumbersome and time-consuming proposal drafting used to be. That could mean spending two hours on a solar quote for a homeowner that might not even be interested – a monumental waste of time.

With Solargraf, you can generate a quote within just a few minutes.

That not only means you can multiply your leads and prospects, but that you can make changes and adjustments to the quotes within seconds and eliminate any lag between the moment you meet the client and send a proposal their way.

  1. Pound the pavement and start canvassing

Often times, the best way to get started is simply to step out of the office and start knocking on some doors. One of Solargraf’s biggest selling points is how mobile and adaptable it truly is. That means you can pick a residential area, start walking around and generate proposals on the go. That way, you show up on their doorstep with a tangible, accurate overview of their potential costs, savings and solar output. You could even knock on a few doors on your way back from an appointment in the area. After all, studies now show that residential solar power is contagious!

“The study notes that for every 1 percent increase in the number of installations in a single ZIP code, there’s a commensurate 1 percent decrease in the amount of time until the next solar installation.”

  1. Get a booth at home and renovation shows

While they may seem a bit costly up front, home and renovation shows are filled with people who have paid for professional advice and suggestions on how to improve their homes. That makes them highly qualified and engaged leads right out of the gate. Having a booth and an iPad/tablet with Solargraf at the ready means you can provide and share free, quick estimates to anyone that pops by interested in solar energy. With quotes sent out, you now have their address, email and interest. The key? Make sure you have a structure in place to strategically follow-up with every lead and start building those relationships.

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