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How To Beat Your Competition Using A Solar Quote Software?

Selling solar panel systems is competitive work. Using a highly reliable solar quote software is one of the best ways to face competitors in the field. In today’s advanced technological world, a quality software platform can run across multiple devices, including office computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phones. Due to the efficiency and ease of use, the solar quoting software will aid the solar installer in finalizing the sale.


Benefits of Having a Solar Quote Software

The benefits of solar quotes software are unmeasurable in terms of sales volume which turns into revenue for the solar installer. By having all the needed information within the solar installer’s grasp, finalizing sales can be completed in a quick and efficient manner.

Lead Generation

One of the main benefits of a solar quote software is helping with quality lead generation. Leads are a critical component in successful solar panel sales. Being a competitive industry, addressing solar leads in an efficient manner will aid in producing revenue. A quality solar software module will allow the solar installer to manage all leads in different ways.

  • Ability to link personal leads with the software platform
  • Capable of entering notes and other data on to the buyer’s information to help complete the sale
  • Generate quality leads while walking around a community or local neighborhood
  • An effective search tool to help generate and produce a lead pool

Each component will help maximize the lead generation potential to quality sales.

Mapping the Solar Panel Layout

Along with the benefit of lead generation, a quality solar software platform should include the ability to map out roofs. Finalizing the sale is different for each potential solar panel system’s buyer. Many residential homeowners want to know how the solar panel system will look on top of their roof. Designing a layout of solar panels on a roof is not always simple. Many homes have varying heights and other features affecting the design layout. A solar installer must remember homeowners view their homes as a major investment.

Along with initially purchasing the home, the homeowner’s decision to invest in a renewable energy source takes a lot of time, research, and planning. Homeowners need to know the general layout of the solar panels on the roof. Having the ability to instantly show a potential client the design of the solar panels is critical. Generating the roof top image in under a minute allows the client to receive quick viewing access. In some situations, the client may want to rearrange the solar panel layout. Meeting the customer’s demand will help in closing the deal.

Efficient Quoting Tool

In the past, producing an estimated quote was a time-consuming process. The ability to generate a professional quote with efficiency is a benefit of using a solar quote software platform. Preparing a quote should reflect all the necessary charges in purchasing solar panels. The final quote should not be a surprise to the customer after agreeing to the initial estimate. The quoting software should allow for various data input for complete customer satisfaction.

  • Inputting all the necessary site specifications to generate a quality estimate for initializing the sale
  • Finalizing a customer payment plan with the ability to deduct initial upfront cash payments, monthly amount due and other valuable payment data
  • Ability to subtract discounts, rebates or other credits to help in displaying an accurate estimation of the sales
  • Capability of changing any data quickly to meet customer’s needs

Interacting with efficient quoting tool on a software platform will help in completing the sale. Deciding to purchase solar panels is a major decision; a customer does not want to wait for the estimate. Customers who have to wait for an estimate or quote may change their mind about purchasing the solar panel systems. In some cases, a long waiting period may drive the customers to the local competition resulting in loss of sale. Generating a perfect quote in seconds is ideal for solar sales.

Mobile Access

A large portion of solar sales requires the installer to be away from an office desk. The solar quote software must be capable of mobile access out in the field. The Internet allows for instant online access almost anywhere in the world. The quality solar software will allow the installer to provide real-time results for a customer when out in the community. Picking an area street at the solar installer’s convenience may generate a sale from a generated quote.

Other Valuable Resource Tools

When working in the field, a solar installer may not realize the need for other forms of resource tools. Benefiting the solar installer, equipping the solar software with other various sources for valuable data is ideal.

  • Ability to check weather conditions on a specific day or throughout a time frame to provide a potential client with valuable data.
  • Accessing solar news to provide both the solar installer and the customers with updated, accurate information about the solar power industry.
  • Chat capabilities to speak with colleagues or other company employees to help solve problems or ask questions regarding the solar power sales.
  • Upload files or other important data to help with sales or the organization of information.

The solar panel installation field is pretty competitive. A quality solar quote software is the best way to actively face the competition. Providing numerous benefits for the solar installer, the software will help to generate leads, provide quotes, create solar rooftop designs and properly manage the project until it's completion.

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