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How to impress new leads

Sales Software + Leads: the power combo.

While many have come to know Solargraf for its powerful sales acceleration features, we’ve got another lesser-known weapon in our sales arsenal: affordable, high- quality leads.

As of today, we’re spreading the word with 10% off new leads for all active Solargraf subscribers.

Here are a few reasons to jump on the leads bandwagon along with a 4 tips on how to make a solid first impression once you get your new lead on the line.


Introducing Solargraf leads

In its simplest form, a lead is a person or organization that is interested in the product or services you sell. But of course, not all leads are created equal. Here are some of the elements you might consider when evaluating lead quality.

  • Level of interest
  • Readiness to commit
  • Realistic budget expectations
  • Major issues with the house (shade, structure etc.)
  • Residential or commercial needs
  • Geographic proximity
  • Overall compatibility of their needs with your services

In the solar industry, interest, viability and compatibility can make or break a new solar project.

You need to sort and evaluate leads before you invest time and energy.

Through a series of finely tuned organic marketing and vetting processes, Solargraf does just that by validating basic lead information, making sure there aren’t any significant obstructions or shading issues, and confirming they’re interested in receiving quotes before qualifying our leads as Premium. With Premium leads starting at as little as $40, that’s a pretty good bang for your buck.

Simply pick your region, your radius, your competition and your price to start bidding on leads.

Depending on your company’s capacity and goals, you can adjust the radius within which to search. Keep in mind that the tighter the geographic parameters, the more targeted our marketing needs to be — so the the lead is likely to be a bit pricier. Next: determine the number of competitors you’re willing to take on as you place your bid on the lead — the less competition, of course, the more exclusivity and the higher the price tag.

Toggle on your leads and define your budget on the Leads Setting page

Select the lead quality, select the people you want to notify about new leads and finally — activate your leads in your leads settings section. You’re good to go! We’ll email you and anyone else you selected as soon as you’ve got a new lead. And to make sure our users are getting the most out of their investment, our team has a very reasonable credit policy for any Premium leads that were incompatible or impossible to reach.

See? Everyone wins.


So you have a lead…what now?

Worry not, we won’t tell you how to do your job — you’re a pro, after all! But here are a few tips to boost conversion on each of your leads by leveraging your existing Solargraf subscription.

1. Prepare a quote before you reach out

Every Solargraf lead comes with a validated address, which means you have everything you need to draft an initial, slick-looking quote. Once you get your lead on the phone, you’ll look significantly more efficient and professional if you’re ready to share, explain and edit their quote within just a few clicks.

2. Mention any notes included in the lead file

Oftentimes, the lead will provide additional information to our quality control team that can help you boost the accuracy of your initial quote and show the homeowner you’ve done your homework, so be sure to follow-up on those notes and elaborate if need be.

3. Be patient and generous with your time

All leads come to the table with a varying level of understanding and background knowledge about all things solar, so be ready to explain some of the basics and go through all of the details of the initial quote. We’ve built and designed our quotes to be as intuitive and accessible as possible, but it’s still your job to help the lead feel informed and empowered.

4. Structure follow up

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: making sure no one falls through the cracks should be one of the most important parts of your sales process. The Solargraf CRM has powerful tools that are designed to help you manage, track and optimize your leads, so if you don’t get them to sign the dotted line after that first call — it’s a big decision to make, after all — make sure you have a systematic game plan in place that will remind you to reach out a second, third or fourth time, if need be.

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