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Is it Better to Make One Perfect Quote or 10 Average Quotes?

Is it better to make 1 perfectly accurate quote or 10 somewhat accurate quotes?

This is a very common question, and the answer is that sales is a numbers game. The more quotes you get out there, the more likely you are to make sales! If it takes you the same amount of time to make 10 average quotes as it does to make one perfect one, then make and send 10!

It is better not to send out any truly inaccurate quotes if possible, but they do not need to be 100% perfect on the first contact. It is always possible to make revisions once you have piqued the interest of your potential buyer.


However, with Solargraf you can create dozens of accurate quotes in the same amount of time as it would normally take to make one really accurate one without! The entire process is automated to ensure fast, accurate quotes! 

The entire quoting, negotiating, and closing process can happen in real time so that you can close more sales faster and easier with Solargraf.

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This is an excerpt from the Facebook Live video from October 10th, 2017. For more of the answers click here. To see the full Q&A click here. To tune into the next live video session, like our Facebook Page!

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