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5 Powerful Tactics to Close More Residential Solar Leads

Despite the high demand of solar panels and the significant growth of the solar panel market, installation companies still need to find creative ways to get more residential solar leads.

Closing a sale for solar panels based on leads is not so different than a normal sale. Certainly, the buying process is much longer and requires a considerable investment. However, there are several simple tactics to turn those leads into customers.

In this article you will find 5 very simple and effective tactics to close more sales with your residential solar leads.


1. Contact your Prospects

Did you know that 40% of qualified prospects wait several weeks before receiving an estimate? This may sound silly, but many companies do not contact their prospects in a reasonable amount of time. Some of them even expect the client to contact them. This is an extremely costly mistake that no installer can afford to make. Indeed, as the competition is very strong, each qualified prospect that you get through your sales pipeline should be contacted.

Before you contact your qualified prospect, analyze the entire file and prepare possible solutions that might interest the potential client. This will allow you to come up with a few estimates related to their basic needs. Once your estimates are finished, get in touch with the client to offer your knowledge and alternatives. Knowing the file by heart will help reassure the prospect of your expertise.

Then send the client the estimate that best suits their needs and mention a potential appointment date.


Get out your list of dormant leads. Identify your inactive contacts and contact them again. Maybe you will get lucky!

2. Establish a lead scoring program

To make sure you're prioritizing the right leads, a scoring program will rank your list of prospects and will let you identify your highest potential leads by attributing a specific value to each lead. In doing this, you will use your time more efficiently and be able to identify the important leads and which ones will most likely result in a sale. You don’t necessarily need to have as many leads as possible in order to close more sales. Indeed, a vast majority of companies do not have a lead scoring program for leads and they ultimately spend too much time on unqualified prospects.

Establish a point system to determine if a contact is worthwhile or whether to remove them from the list. This exercise helps sellers and increases their productivity.

By classifying your residential solar leads, you will get better results in sales, and also identify quality customers.

3. Understand the homeowner's needs

One of the most important factors in sales and marketing is to know all of your customers problems. Does your prospect want solar panels to reduce the cost of the electricity bill or to become 100% self-sufficient? The offer would not be the same in both cases .

In knowing what the client wants, you'll be able to provide options that are actually useful to your client. Offering the most expensive solution could cost you the sale if you lose your client’s trust. A prospect that understands your offer could lead to a sale!

Moreover, let the customer speak and listen to what he has to say. The best way to lose a sale is to keep the communication one way. Some sellers do not know when to stop talking and just talk nonstop throughout the meeting. In this situation, you give the prospect the impression that they wasted their time.

The customer has a problem he wants to solve. Offer a solution and give advice to the client! The sale will happen as a result of your solution and good advice.

4. Offer a limited time discount

Some residential solar leads are qualified leads. However, the majority of them take their time before making a decision. Having a time limit is a powerful psychological factor which creates a sense of urgency. This allows you to see how serious your prospects really are.

5. Pick a CRM software designed for solar leads

The above techniques are very powerful tools for closing prospects. However, to raise your game, nothing is better than an application that manages all operational elements of a solar project. While some solutions require that you use many different platforms for different needs – so, for example, a CRM, a quote software and a project management software – there are all-in-one software solutions on the market as well.

Such a system allows you to reduce your soft costs, which can represent up to 64% of your clients total cost.

Finally, to close sales, you have to have the right technique, the right tools and the right prospects. These 5 tips will help you come up with a good action plan. With the fierce competition you face, it is essential to be able to classify your leads, organize them into your CRM software and then contact them.

Today, there are no excuses for not using technology to your advantage. However, never forget that the human factor and trust are very important when completing a transaction and building a relationship with customers. Do you have any sales tricks that might be helpful?

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