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4 Signs you Should Invest in a Solar Tool

Every successful business person understands the desire for sales growth depends on finding the right customers. Marketing and advertising campaigns are an integral part of selling more solar panel systems. The traditional selling strategies will always provide a vital role in finding leads for business growth.

Going beyond the traditional techniques can expand a solar business further. Finding the right solar tool software may help for quality lead generation. Solar companies must have to ability to easily connect reps and potential customers for success. Business owners or managers can often view the different signs showing the time is right for investing in a solar tool.

1. Numerous page views on the website without follow-up contact

Making contact with potential consumers is vital for increasing sales. The solar power company’s website is often the first initial place of contact for potential solar power system buyers. If the company’s website is currently receiving a large amount of page views without any form, call-to-action of follow up contact, your goals will never be achieved.

Using a well-crafted landing page as a solar tool to generate leads is a must in building trust with prospects.

  • Provide a strong introduction of the company’s product, vision and mission statement.
  • Add videos to the website. Traffic to the website is the first step. Keeping the person on the website is the second. The company wants the consumer to inquire or show further interest in the product.
  • Post photos and general background information about the company and employees.
  • Add personal recommendations about the successful installation of the product.
  • Create a blog with related content to generate interest. Explain the reasons why an energy installer should use the company’s product over the competition.

2. The marketing campaign is not generating the expected leads

Research, time and money are major components of a marketing campaign. Each campaign strategy strives to meet specific benchmarks to prove effectiveness. When the company’s current marketing campaign is not generating the expected leads, wasted valuable resources are the result.

Using an efficient solar tool will help the company target the right audience for sales generation. Creating a list of sales representatives to email or call as well as easily create interest is crucial to create further interest in the solar power product you are offering. The process is cost effective, saves time and money. The generated resource list works to increase sales by converting the gathered lead generations into actual appointments or deals.

3. Potential buyers keep asking the same questions

A solar energy company should supply potential buyers with informed data about their brand. If customers keep asking the same questions, consider the amount of people who do not take the time to learn about the product. The company could be losing potential energy installers or clients due to lack of communication. Consider adding a simple question and answer page (FAQ) to the company’s website to help promote interest.

Along with a question and answer section, supply general background information about the company and the brand. Applying the brand awareness concept to the website is a crucial step to inform the customer about the products. Missing information could result in a company losing important and valuable leads. Understanding the basics of a company’s brand peaks their general interests. The serious buyers will continue by contacting the company to receive further information on the product.

4. Lack of emails or contact information

The company is not generating enough emails or contact information to expand the client base to increase sales. The solar tool can help in generating interest to get potential clients to sign up. People who take the time out of their busy schedules to subscribe to a mailing list want to learn about the product.

Offer a free booklet on solar power or installation of the company’s brand. The word “free” grabs people’s attention. Offering a free booklet to download will provide the company with an email address or other contact information which may lead to a potential new client.

Generating leads with a solar tool is an essential component for increasing growth within the company. A solar tool works on different levels to help promote solar usage.

  • Provides information on an exact location to ensure the energy installer has the right data for the area. The solar installer will have all the benefits of the property to help to generate further interest in the product.
  • The solar tool is available anywhere. Working on a wide range of devices, a quality solar tool will allow an energy installer the ability to meet with potential new clients in record time.
  • The solar tool allows the energy installer to draw a mockup of the solar panel installation on a replica of the owner’s home. Visual aids in the field help sell products. Clients who can view how the solar panels will look on the roof will have a better understanding of the product.


In today’s fast paced world, finding solar leads requires the ability to evaluate, offer quotes and research content. The right solar energy tool provides various amenities for lead generation and the ability to provide quotes to clients. Using a quality solar tool has the mobile advantage. A solar energy installer will be able to use the solar tool for lead generation to increase sales.

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