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The Best Forums for Solar Installers

The solar industry is booming, and tons of sites are cropping up to provide useful information on manufacturers, installation, and everything else related to solar. Despite the fact that the information is out there, it isn't always organized to be useful to installers. That's why we made this list of the most useful resources. Have a look and leave a comment if anything is missing!


The most useful solar resources


The Solar Electric forum is a great resource for everything to do with NEC, wiring, installation, and all other aspects of installation.


The Solarguide forum is a good site for installers - especially if you are in the UK! Lots of resources and discussion about solar installation best practices.


Solar Panel Talk has everything you need to know about solar panels. With a huge community, it is a great technical resource to consult with all your installation questions.


N3FJP is a forum of "solar collectors" and is more focused on interesting solar projects than industry information. However, there are some very cool ideas on there! 


EcoRenovator is another DIY-focused site providing people resources to install solar on their own homes. As an installer, you could create some strong goodwill by sharing tips and tricks with homeowners-in-need. Who knows, maybe a few will turn into sales! 

 If anything is missing from this list, leave a comment below! 

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