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The 5 Best Solar Installer Facebook Groups

Solar installation can be challenging. Luckily, there are a ton of great places to get help, tips, and tricks in order to stay on top of the game and keep increasing sales.

One of the best ways to share and get feedback from other installers is by joining PV installer Facebook groups. People share their current projects, favorite parts and suppliers, and the occasional funny installation fail!

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Here are a few of our favorite solar installer Facebook groups:


 One of the best groups for North American installers, this group is full of great installers and great information about the work. There are daily posts from all over the US and Canada about everything from questions about starting out in solar installation to what inverters to use. 

Solar Installers Forum

Another American group, this one is geared slightly more towards the technical aspects of installing solar, with some industry news and business tips thrown in. With over over 1400 members, there are lots of smart, helpful people to answer any questions you may have.

Quality Solar Installations

 The most technically oriented of the bunch, QSI is the best place to learn more about what's out there when it comes to PV panels, inverters, Tesla Powerwalls, mounts, and more! 

Crap Solar

 The name says it all! This group is where people share the fails and mess-ups of the solar installation world. There are some really embarrassing installations in here! Based in Australia and New Zealand, the 13,000+ members of this group share some hilarious pictures.


SOLAR ENERGY - Training, Manufacturing and Installation

 The aim of this group is to provide anyone - professional or public - with an understanding of how rooftop photovoltaic systems work. As a resource, this page is very useful and there are a lot of members (4,000+) who are willing to answer any and all questions! 

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments! 

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