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4 Tips to Close More Solar Deals

The solar installation industry has seen record-breaking growth over the past year. During the first two quarters of 2016, a new installation was completed every 82 seconds, which means more than 1,000 installations every day. There are currently over 1,162,000 solar systems installed in the United States with more than a million being residential systems. It is expected that by 2018, that number of solar systems installed will reach 2 million. So what’s being attributed to this explosive growth? Falling solar prices have made it possible for more people to afford to have it installed on their homes. And this is fueling massive growth.


How Will This Affect You?

So what will your solar installation business be doing to take advantage of this expected growth? Will you be able to get your share of the pie when it comes to getting leads and closing solar deals? As with all businesses, keeping a steady stream of jobs coming in is crucial to being successful. The market for residential and commercial solar energy systems will continue to grow at rapid pace, but if your solar installation company has problems getting leads or closing solar deals on the leads you have, all that growth means absolutely nothing. You can become more competitive and ensure that you have a steady stream of leads coming in that will lead to closing more successful solar deals in the coming year.

Consider the following four tips that could help your solar installation company close more solar deals this year and beyond.

#1. Create Compelling and Comprehensive Proposals

When presenting a proposal to potential buyers, it is important that it be both compelling and comprehensive. With the tools provided with Solargraf, it is possible to create a professional solar quote in less than a minute. Instead of having to wait a couple of days to receive an email or mailed quote, you can instantly email a complete proposal to a potential customer while onsite.

#2. Give Clients an Incentive for Choosing Your Company

If you want to stand out among your competitors and close more solar deals, you need to provide a better product at cheaper price. With increased volumes of sales, you often will have wiggle room to offer better pricing. As an incentive for closing solar deals sooner than later, offer clients a deal that they cannot pass by, but still allows you to make a healthy profit. But make sure that discount has a deadline attached. This can help your sales prospects decide sooner to go with your company and close the deal.

#3. Don’t Be Too Pushy…Listen to Your Clients’ Concerns

You know what customers dislike the most about dealing with sales professionals? Feeling that they are being pushed into something that they may not fully understand or are not sure they are ready for. Take the time to really listen to your potential customer and ask them what their concerns are about having solar installed at their home. Provide them with the answers they need and clear their objections one by one. Once your client fully understands all the reasons why they should choose your company to do their installation and feels that you took the time to really understand their concerns, they will usually feel more comfortable closing your solar deal.

#4. Offer Flexible Payment Options

Remember, not everyone has the cash on hand to do a cash deal. Offer flexible financing options to your clients that will allow them to pay overtime. Accept credit cards and work with a bank that is willing to extend credit to your customers. Be sure to stress to customers that their new solar system purchase will quickly pay for itself with the immediate savings they will see on their monthly electric bill.


In short, if your company has problems closing solar deals, follow these 4 tips in order to generate more clients.

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