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4 tips your solar competitors don't want you to know

Solar panel sales are a competitive field. In order to get ahead of the solar competitors, a solar installer must focus on the needs of the client to close the sales. As with numerous marketing strategies a solar installer must know when to share valuable sales techniques. Every solar installer will have an individual approach in finalizing the sale.

Many solar installers want to keep different aspects to solar panel sales a secret from other solar competitors to provide a maximum sales growth in a given area. For example, a solar installer will keep a potential sales area private. By not allowing solar competitors to know about the potential sales area, a solar installer may view an increase in sales.

Along with keeping a potential sales area private, a strategic solar installer will not share the type of promos or incentives he uses to close his deals. Every solar installer needs a way to make the final sales pitch to the potential client. Providing a one of a kind rebate is the perfect way to finalize the sale.


1. Be persistent

In solar sales, a solar installer must balance the line of being persistent without scaring off the potential client. Staying ahead of solar competitors in this aspect requires tactful emails and messaging to the potential client. Focus on the potential client for maximum return on investment.

  • Begin by thanking the client for taking valuable time. A simple thank you provides a large impact. The solar installer is recognizing the potential client’s time is important.
  • Briefly, outline the conversation involving the solar sales.
  • Go over the valuable money benefits of solar panel installation including saving on monthly utility bills and reducing harmful emissions into the environment.
  • Ask the potential client if there is any further information the solar installer can provide to help make the final decision to purchase solar panels. Under some circumstances, a person feels more comfortable asking questions by email than in person. Provide this opportunity to the potential client.
  • Always end the email or message with full contact details. Providing different ways to contact the solar installer allows the potential client to choose his preferred contact method.

2. Remind Potential Client of Deadlines

Homeowners understand the value of continuing to add equity to their property. Solar panels are a perfect way to increase the value of a home. Installing solar panels allows the homeowner to take advantage of different rebates, tax credits, and other incentives. Homeowners like the idea of investing in the property by saving money.

Solar competitors do not want a solar installer to remind the client of the pending deadlines. A deadline provides a real time frame to make a decision whether or not to purchase the solar panel system. Remind potential clients of the upcoming deadlines in emails or follow-up phone calls. Remember not to be too pushy, a potential client may not agree with aggressive sales techniques. A solar installer needs to listen to the client without providing too much pressure to make a final decision.

3. Know the Solar Sales Industry

A knowledgeable solar installer is the best way to get ahead of solar competitors. The ability to answer a potential client’s questions makes a great first impression. Using valuable resource tools in the field will add in making the sale. The solar application software should allow the solar installer to enhance sales techniques.

  • Provide instant and accurate quoting for the client. Homeowners want to know the exact amount a solar panel installation will cost.
  • Allow for use of multiple platforms including tablets, laptops, mobile devices and desk computers. Many solar leads require the solar installer to be away from the office. The software should have the ability to work across numerous platforms for maximum benefit.
  • The ability to provide the solar installer with the different incentives available at a given time. Rebates, tax credits, and other incentives are a powerful selling strategy.
  • The ability to show the layout of solar panels to allow the client the chance to rearrange to meet individual specifications.
  • Capability to message or chat with others in the field to ask questions.

Being knowledgeable with the aid of the right type of sales tool is a great way to strategically get ahead of solar competitors.

4. Hire Interns

Hiring interns is a beneficial strategy to get ahead of solar competitors. A solar installer provides valuable experience for the interns. At the same time, the interns provide the solar installer with beneficial information. Interns can send out general quotes to potential clients in a specific area to produce leads. By allowing the interns to access limited information, a solar installer has the chance to follow up quality leads for maximizing solar sales potential. 

Solar installers go up against strong solar competitors. Implementing a strategic marketing strategy is a necessary component to making the final sales. Some solar strategies may work better than others. A solar installer must develop a personal selling strategy to overcome the strong solar competitors in the region. Providing potential clients with honest answers about solar panels will help in producing a reliable reputation for solar sales. Under many circumstances, the best solar leads come from other clients.

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