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3 Tips to Make the Most Out of the Winter as a Solar Installer

Summer is the best time to make solar sales. The weather is good, sun's on people's minds, and there is no snow. 

But when winter comes around, it can be hard to sell anything. Not only because it's freezing outside, but customers aren't thinking about solar energy when there is snow on the roof!

However, it CAN be a great time to put in some hours, because your competitors will be taking it easy. There is no better season for getting a leg up on your competition than the winter, so here are our...

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Top 3 Tactics For The Winter


1. Catch up on projects that fell through the cracks or need some extra work

Winter is a great time to look back at anything you may have pushed aside when you were busier. Review your open projects and see if there are any thate are waiting on info, responses, or signatures. Now is a great time to get the administrative work out of the way!

What do you do to stay on top of your sales in the winter? Let us know in the comments!


2. Analyze sales to improve your lead generation (using your sales platform)

Go into your sales software and start to look for trends in your past clients. Every business will have a variety of client types, but if you look for common traits among clients such as neighborhood, average roof size, or any other recurring features, you may end up with a useful insight or two. If you discover something you didn’t know before - for example, that most of your clients’ roofs have shingles - you will be able to go out in the spring and use that knowledge to be more efficient and close more sales!

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3. Revamp your marketing strategy for next year

There is no better time than when sales are slowing down to ramp up your marketing efforts. Redesign your website, update the photos and videos on your social media pages, maybe even start a blog! Start taking steps now so that when customers are looking for info on solar in the spring, they see your business first. For more details, check out our Solar Installer Marketing Guide.

All of these steps will help you to get ahead when spring comes around, having made the most of the winter season. No time needs to be lost simply because the weather changes. Take advantage of this time, because your competitors won’t be!

Winter can either be a time of relaxation and lost sales, or it can be crunch time. Get into your software, close any open deals, make progress, and plan for the spring so that you can hit the ground running!

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