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Every site you should go to for solar industry news

In any industry, staying up to date on current events is important. This is even more true in new industries, which includes solar. When it comes to solar installation, you can look at either forums or news sites. Here are some of the sites followed by the top companies in the solar industry:


The best solar news sites

Renewable Energy World 

REW is one of the top renewable energy news sites in the world. They cover everything solar; residential, commercial, and everything else. It's a great site for covering solar headlines, while still keeping it in context of all renewables.

Greentech Media 

GTM is a staple in the solar news industry. They cover everything solar, as well as all kinds of other news about greentech, renewable energy, and sustainability.

ScienceDaily Solar 

SDS is the #1 site to go to for technical solar news. Details about new cells, converters, and everything else can be found as they are released. Check it out for the coolest new developments in solar tech!

Solar Daily

SD provides general industry news with a focus on major new projects. It's one of the best places to go to see the latest in big solar investments.

Alternative Energy News 

AEN shares more general solar & alternative energy news. This is a great place to find residential updates, cool & interesting projects, and really interesting stories that you can share with your clients!

And of course, the Solargraf Blog! We post new tips and tricks every week:


These are some of our favorite sites for news on the solar industry. We share the most relevant stories on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, so go have a look!

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