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    The Blog for Solar Installers

    A brief guide to starting your own solar installation company

    Topics: Business growth, Solar Business, Resources, webinar

    A few weeks ago, we hosted an engaging and dynamic webinar on how to start a solar installation business or take your first steps toward scaling. Throughout, our CEO Lennie – who himself bootstrapped a successful solar installation company – offered valuable insights about building solid solar relationships, developing structured processes and building a powerful brand. As an added perk for our webinar attendees, we fleshed out a 3-part whitepaper stock-full of actionable advice, additional reading and clear dos and don’ts.

    Here are some of the broader themes that popped up in that whitepaper, and some of the clever tips you can put into action today.

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    5 things you need to know about solar financing

    Topics: Business growth, Solar Business, Resources, financing, webinar

    It’s been nearly 2 weeks since our last webinar on solar financing, yet we’re still getting great feedback and follow-up questions nearly every day! So to spread the knowledge, we figured we’d repackage some of the great insight that came out of your crowd-sourced questions to bring you 5 big takeaways from our financing 101 webinar.

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    3 Tips to Make the Most Out of the Winter as a Solar Installer

    Topics: Business growth, Solar Sales, Solar Business, Marketing

    Summer is the best time to make solar sales. The weather is good, sun's on people's minds, and there is no snow. 

    But when winter comes around, it can be hard to sell anything. Not only because it's freezing outside, but customers aren't thinking about solar energy when there is snow on the roof!

    However, it CAN be a great time to put in some hours, because your competitors will be taking it easy. There is no better season for getting a leg up on your competition than the winter, so here are our...

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    Why do solar installation companies with the right software do so well?

    Topics: Business growth, Solar Tool, Useful Links

    Design tool, quote software, CRM, project management system, sales accelerator, lead service. What do these have in common? What do they all mean?

    The right software can be the difference between a scrappy startup and an established solar installer. Every interaction with a customer - from introduction, to proposal, to signature, to installation, to maintenance - affects your brand. Good software is designed with this in mind, and makes every step easy and professional. With this in mind, picking the right software is an important decision.

    What are all of the different options available for solar installers, and which do you need for your business?

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    The Solar Installer Marketing Guide

    Topics: Business growth, Solar Sales, Solar Business, Marketing, Social Media

    How do I get more customers? Where can people find my business? Should I use social media?

    If you're running a solar sales/installation business, you need to be online. You simply can't go without an online presence in any business anymore. Thankfully, having an active web presence comes with a lot of upside! It is easier for potential clients to find your business, you can stand out from competitors, and you can save yourself time by responding to customer's questions online for others to see.

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    4 things you will not learn in a solar training

    Topics: Business growth

    As a solar installer or an owner of a solar installation business, you know the importance of proper training to be successful in the solar industry. The Solar Training Network is a program that was established in 2016 under the funding program through the Department of Energy. The purpose of this program is to meet the market demand for solar energy by connecting solar trainees, job seekers, solar employers, training institutions and trainers.

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