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3 ways smart financing can help boost solar sales

Topics: Solar Sales, Solar Business, Marketing

We’ve been doing some deep dives into solar financing this week in order to prepare for our upcoming webinar. Turns out – surprise surprise – financing solar is a complex, finicky, multi-tentacled beast. That said, few solar projects can happen without it. Not only will a small minority of your prospective clients have the funds at hand to pay upfront for such a large-scale project, but financing plays a crucial role in loosening up your cash flow and avoiding unnecessary delays associated to the costs of materials, labour etc. So amidst the finicky acronyms and much-debated pros and cons of ownership vs leasing, we’ve teased out 3 key ways you can leverage solar financing to boost your sales.

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#SolarHacks: 3 Small Ways to Save Big

Topics: Solar Sales, Solar Business, Marketing

With growth and boosted sales can come a great problem: you’re consistently busy and in need of new, innovative ways of saving time. While big changes in process can yield powerful results over time, there are also small ways to leverage your existing tools in order to boost efficiency and help you focus on what matters most: installing solar panels.

To kick you off, here are three simple things we spoke about in our last webinar that you can do to save yourself significant amounts of time — and therefore — money.

While we’ve adapted these best practices to the solar industry, their lessons would likely serve any growing business as they navigate the change in scale. I’d love know if you think they apply to your industry.

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4 body language tips for solar sales

Topics: Solar Sales, Solar Proposal, Solar Business, Marketing

While technology may have dramatically changed the solar sales landscape, most solar installers still use good ol’ door-to-door prospecting as a cornerstone of their sales process.

And with solid data now showing that you have 7 seconds (or less!) to make a first impression, it’s critical to be aware of the message you’re sending once that prospective client opens the door. So as the solar high season winds down and you prepare to hit the pavement to close those last few deals, here are a few simple ways your body language might help you earn trust and seal the deal.


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5 Clever Solar Marketing Tips to Soften the Seasonal Blow

Topics: Solar Sales, Solar Business, Marketing, Resources, competition

As the solar high season comes to a gradual close in most 4-season states, many of us are looking ahead at the next few months with a sense of foreboding and apprehension – buckle in, here come the dry months! Surely people aren’t thinking of solar anymore in the winter, it’s time to scale back and hibernate. But what if you could use the next few weeks to create a sense of urgency, line up a few key projects for Spring and get ready for next year’s growth?

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3 Tips to Make the Most Out of the Winter as a Solar Installer

Topics: Business growth, Solar Sales, Solar Business, Marketing

Summer is the best time to make solar sales. The weather is good, sun's on people's minds, and there is no snow. 

But when winter comes around, it can be hard to sell anything. Not only because it's freezing outside, but customers aren't thinking about solar energy when there is snow on the roof!

However, it CAN be a great time to put in some hours, because your competitors will be taking it easy. There is no better season for getting a leg up on your competition than the winter, so here are our...

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Finding your competition as a solar installer

Topics: Solar Installation, Solar Business, Marketing, competition

In any industry it is important to know who you are competing with, and this is especially true for solar installers. Since there is such high competition, it is key to know who your competitors are so you can figure out how to get the edge. Here are the best solar installer listings for you to find your competition!

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