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Basic Solar Sales Strategies that Ensure Success

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It is not a lack of interest from consumers that keeps residential solar sales from going gangbusters. What is holding contractors back is an inability, for many, to close the deal.

 As a solar panel contractor, whose attention to detail is a source of pride, you understand the importance of conveying your professionalism to potential clients. But in an industry that is expanding rapidly and becoming increasingly competitive, work ethic and craftsmanship alone do not translate into sales.

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The Solar Panel Installer Job Boom and How Solargraf Can Help Contractors Capitalize

Topics: Solar Tool, Solar Sales, Solar market, solargraf, Solar Business, Solar Leads

If the creation of new jobs is an indicator of how hot a particular sector of the economy is, then the solar industry is on fire. According to data released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), solar panel installer is one of the fastest growing jobs in the United States. “The demand for qualified installers,” the BLS notes, “is expected to grow by 105% through 2026 and is currently the top growing job in eight states, including California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, Minnesota, and New Jersey.“

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What Will Renewable Energy Business Be Like in 10 Years?

Topics: Business growth, Solar market, renewable energy business

If recent predictions are to be believed, there's an exciting future out there for renewable energy. After almost a decade of underestimating the growth trend of sustainable energy sources like solar, it would seem like the renewable energy business is due for a boom in the coming decade.

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5 Alternatives to Solar Advertising

Topics: Business growth, Solar market

Attracting the right customers to purchase products is the foundation for a successful business. Creating a solar advertising strategy is crucial for potential sales.The solar advertising strategy does not need a large budget to implement. Using different types of solar advertising alternatives can help in creating an effective campaign. Every business owner understands sales create profits. Finding potential buyers requires the right combination of advertising strategies and reputation of the quality of solar system product.

Solar advertising plans can cover a variety of areas to reach potential buyers. Researching and planning are the best way to begin any type of advertising campaign. Without proper preparation, any type of advertising campaign could cost a solar installer business time, money and loss of potential sales.

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6 Myths About the Solar Market

Topics: Solar market


A renewable energy source, solar energy harnesses light and heat from the sun. Using solar power provides a clean energy alternative for residential homes and businesses. Providing a positive impact on the environment, widespread use of solar energy would reduce the need for fossil fuel dependence.

Professional solar power installers and others within in the field understand the value of using solar energy. Affecting the solar market negativity is due to the existing myths surrounding the use of solar energy. Proving the myths wrong help bring the focus to the positive attributes of solar energy.

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