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4 body language tips for solar sales

Topics: Solar Sales, Solar Proposal, Solar Business, Marketing

While technology may have dramatically changed the solar sales landscape, most solar installers still use good ol’ door-to-door prospecting as a cornerstone of their sales process.

And with solid data now showing that you have 7 seconds (or less!) to make a first impression, it’s critical to be aware of the message you’re sending once that prospective client opens the door. So as the solar high season winds down and you prepare to hit the pavement to close those last few deals, here are a few simple ways your body language might help you earn trust and seal the deal.


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Top 3 tactics to generate free solar leads

Topics: Solar Sales, Solar Proposal, Video, Solar Leads

Every business needs customers

In order to get customers, we first need to find people who MAY be customers: Leads. Many businesses exist for the sole purpose of finding leads and selling them to businesses. For example, MySolarInstaller is used to generate the leads that are provided within Solargraf.

However, if you are not interested in buying leads or there aren't any available in your area, you can be stuck. In this case, you'll have to figure out how to generate your own leads.

The top 3 ways to get organic leads

1. Going door-to-door (canvassing)

This is the simplest form of finding organic leads. Pick a street, walk down and knock on every single door, asking if they are interested in what you're selling. Your success rate will probably be low, but this is a great way not only to hone your salesmanship, but to find a few potential buyers.

2. Cold-calling

Another classic sales tactic, cold calling is exactly what it sounds like. Go to a site like 411.com, searchaddresses and start calling! Again, you're not likely to have a high percentage of interested customers with this method, but with any luck you will find a few potential customers to start working on.

3. Use an efficient Solar Sales tool

Our favorite way to find organic leads is by using a good sales tool. Open Google Maps. Pick a street in your area, and identify the houses facing south. Use street view to find the addresses, and enter that information into a reverse look up engine to acquire contact information - Peoplesmart.com and Whitepages.com are good options.

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Can I make changes to a proposal after sending it to a client?

Topics: Solar Sales, Solar Proposal, Video

Solar installers often need to make revisions to proposals after sending them to clients. 

 Thankfully, with Solargraf, all of your projects are stored in the cloud, and can be accessed from any device, wherever you are. That means you can open quotes, change drawings, and update the files from your phone or tablet in minutes while with the client!

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3 Solar Design Tools Worth Mentioning

Topics: Business growth, Solar Tool, Solar Proposal

The reason for investing in solar panels depends on the customer’s personal motivation. Many homeowners and business owners invest for the prospect of lower monthly utility bills. Others decide to invest in helping preserve the environment. As a solar installer, being able to answer questions and provide details is vital. Selling solar panels in a competitive market requires optimal resources from one of the market's solar design tools.

The right type of solar design tool may help in concluding a sale. Impressing potential clients with the ability to go from a rooftop design to drawing up documents is a valuable selling component. If a solar installer fails to provide the right answers or background information, the result may be losing the sale to the competition. Consider each type of solar design tool as a valuable resource for providing selling points to the potential customer.

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How To Beat Your Competition Using A Solar Quote Software?

Topics: Solar Proposal

Selling solar panel systems is competitive work. Using a highly reliable solar quote software is one of the best ways to face competitors in the field. In today’s advanced technological world, a quality software platform can run across multiple devices, including office computer, laptop, tablet and mobile phones. Due to the efficiency and ease of use, the solar quoting software will aid the solar installer in finalizing the sale.

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7 Things to Include in a Solar Proposal

Topics: Solar Proposal

Today’s home and business owners are knowledgeable, conscientious investors in the area of renewable energy and solar power options. Most individuals will spend an extensive amount of time researching the different alternative energy sources prior contacting a solar installer. Due to the ease of research on the Internet, the solar market is definitely a buyer’s market. Most interested clients will contact more than one solar installer to find the best option.

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