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The Blog for Solar Installers

Why do solar installation companies with the right software do so well?

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Design tool, quote software, CRM, project management system, sales accelerator, lead service. What do these have in common? What do they all mean?

The right software can be the difference between a scrappy startup and an established solar installer. Every interaction with a customer - from introduction, to proposal, to signature, to installation, to maintenance - affects your brand. Good software is designed with this in mind, and makes every step easy and professional. With this in mind, picking the right software is an important decision.

What are all of the different options available for solar installers, and which do you need for your business?

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Every site you should go to for solar industry news

Topics: Solar Business, News, Useful Links

In any industry, staying up to date on current events is important. This is even more true in new industries, which includes solar. When it comes to solar installation, you can look at either forums or news sites. Here are some of the sites followed by the top companies in the solar industry:

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