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    Is it Better to Make One Perfect Quote or 10 Average Quotes?

    Topics: Solar Tool, Solar Sales, solargraf, Solar Business, Video

    Is it better to make 1 perfectly accurate quote or 10 somewhat accurate quotes?

    This is a very common question, and the answer is that sales is a numbers game. The more quotes you get out there, the more likely you are to make sales! If it takes you the same amount of time to make 10 average quotes as it does to make one perfect one, then make and send 10!

    It is better not to send out any truly inaccurate quotes if possible, but they do not need to be 100% perfect on the first contact. It is always possible to make revisions once you have piqued the interest of your potential buyer.

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    The History of Solargraf

    Topics: Solar Tool, Solar Sales, solargraf, Solar Business, Video

    How long has Solargraf been in business?

    Solargraf was founded in 2013 as a solar lead generation company in Montreal, Canada. As that side of the business grew, the profit was reinvested into the sales platform. Since the product was so unique and effective, it gained clients and grew very quickly. In 2017, Sofdesk (Solargraf's parent company) was backed by a Series A investment of $3 million from EnerTech and BDC Capital!

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    Using your own financing partner in Solargraf

    Topics: Solar Tool, Solar Sales, solargraf, Solar Business, Video

    Can you display your own financing partner in Solargraf instead of the ones we provide?

    Yes, you absolutely can! Solargraf offers financing options for your clients out of the box, but if you already have partners or you find one after a while of using the app, you can choose to display your own partner.

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    How to train solar salespeople

    Topics: Solar Tool, Solar Sales, solargraf, Solar Business, Video

    How do you train salespeople to be as effective as possible?

    When you have unlimited users of your sales software, you have to ensure that they all know how to properly use it to close sales. This can be difficult, so we work hard to help you help your salespeople become as effective as possible!

    There is a comprehensive library of support and training videos within the Solargraf App. Short videos on every topic you could possibly want to know about. The best way to ensure your salespeople understand how to use Solargraf is by showing them the support section and allowing them to explore it on their own and teach themselves. 

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    Does Solargraf offer free demos?

    Topics: solargraf, Solar Business, Video

    And how can I sign up?

    Yes, Solargraf offers free demos to any solar installer. All you have to do is go to this page and sign up! You can also contact hello@solargraf.com or call 1-888-997-1101!

    In the demo, a sales representative will walk you through every aspect of Solargraf, and show you exactly what it can do for your business.

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    Top 3 tactics to generate free solar leads

    Topics: Solar Sales, Solar Proposal, Video, Solar Leads

    Every business needs customers

    If you are not interested in buying leads or there aren't any available in your area, you can be stuck. In this case, you'll have to figure out how to generate your own leads.

    The top 3 ways to get organic leads

    1. Going door-to-door (canvassing)

    This is the simplest form of finding organic leads. Pick a street, walk down and knock on every single door, asking if they are interested in what you're selling. Your success rate will probably be low, but this is a great way not only to hone your salesmanship, but to find a few potential buyers.

    2. Cold-calling

    Another classic sales tactic, cold calling is exactly what it sounds like. Go to a site like 411.com, searchaddresses and start calling! Again, you're not likely to have a high percentage of interested customers with this method, but with any luck you will find a few potential customers to start working on.

    3. Use an efficient Solar Sales tool

    Our favorite way to find organic leads is by using a good sales tool. Open Google Maps. Pick a street in your area, and identify the houses facing south. Use street view to find the addresses, and enter that information into a reverse look up engine to acquire contact information - Peoplesmart.com and Whitepages.com are good options.

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