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Top 3 tactics to generate free solar leads

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Every business needs customers

In order to get customers, we first need to find people who MAY be customers: Leads. Many businesses exist for the sole purpose of finding leads and selling them to businesses. For example, MySolarInstaller is used to generate the leads that are provided within Solargraf.

However, if you are not interested in buying leads or there aren't any available in your area, you can be stuck. In this case, you'll have to figure out how to generate your own leads.

The top 3 ways to get organic leads

1. Going door-to-door (canvassing)

This is the simplest form of finding organic leads. Pick a street, walk down and knock on every single door, asking if they are interested in what you're selling. Your success rate will probably be low, but this is a great way not only to hone your salesmanship, but to find a few potential buyers.

2. Cold-calling

Another classic sales tactic, cold calling is exactly what it sounds like. Go to a site like 411.com, searchaddresses and start calling! Again, you're not likely to have a high percentage of interested customers with this method, but with any luck you will find a few potential customers to start working on.

3. Use an efficient Solar Sales tool

Our favorite way to find organic leads is by using a good sales tool. Open Google Maps. Pick a street in your area, and identify the houses facing south. Use street view to find the addresses, and enter that information into a reverse look up engine to acquire contact information - Peoplesmart.com and Whitepages.com are good options.

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Can I make changes to a proposal after sending it to a client?

Topics: Solar Sales, Solar Proposal, Video

Solar installers often need to make revisions to proposals after sending them to clients. 

 Thankfully, with Solargraf, all of your projects are stored in the cloud, and can be accessed from any device, wherever you are. That means you can open quotes, change drawings, and update the files from your phone or tablet in minutes while with the client!

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Why do solar installers use Solargraf?

Topics: Solar Tool, Solar Sales, solargraf, Solar Business, Video

Why do so many installers use Solargraf to run their business?

For installers who are looking to sell more, have everyone in the team on the same platform, and simplify project management, it is the only tool on the market. Solargraf offers live support, a comprehensive knowledge base, and a dedicated coach assigned to your company. As well as using the platform, you can purchase offer organic, verified leads in your area, should you choose to use this service.

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