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What is a Solar Installer CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the art of building relationships with your contacts - both leads and existing clients. Any business owner will know that maintaining healthy relationships with clients is key to growth and success, which means that CRM is one of the most important elements of business development.

CRM software has become the standard approach to improving the management of contacts and relationships, allowing users to view the current lead status of contracts, schedule follow ups, and automate much of the sales funnel process,  to name a few features.

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What do Solar CRMs offer that regular CRMs don't?

Every CRM has some basic features, but very few are designed for the specific needs of the solar installation industry. There are a few key aspects of Solar CRMs that you should take into account in choosing your software. The main three features that differentiate solar CRMs from the pack are integration with solar project management, industry-specific user management, and integration with lead services. A good solar CRM will make sure that you always reach out to clients at the right moment to have the best chance to close the deal, and that no contact falls through the cracks.

It's clear that a CRM is a good investment for any solar installer, but

What is the #1 difference between a good and bad Solar CRM?

The best indicator of a good Solar CRM is that it was designed by an experienced solar installer. Many of the products on the market have been designed by engineers and software developers looking to capitalize on a growing industry. The best platforms are designed by solar installers, which means they have all the features necessary to manage every aspect of a solar installer's business! Each question and concern is addressed within the software, and there is a knowledge base of information available when necessary.

Interested in finding the best Solar CRM for you installation business?

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