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Why Using a Solar Software is Key to Your Business?

All over the United States, solar installations are going up on rooftops at a record pace. As costs come down and the technology keeps getting better and better, it's no surprise that families all over the country are turning to an alternative energy source. Another reason for the boom is not only the hardware that can provide your home with green energy, but the solar software technology available to installers.


The Tools to Change Your Business

From initial project design through to the final quote, tools like Solargraf are changing the way solar does business. It seems these days there is an app for just about everything, and the effect Solargraf can have on your business makes it clear. Any industry that wants to keep up with the speed of business needs to be on the cutting edge, leveraging technology to drive their business forward.

Solargraf's solar software makes it easy to stay on that cutting edge. No matter how good your sales team is, the addition of solar software to your business can help you turn leads into sales at a much higher rate.

What Makes Some Sales Apps Better Than the Rest

The best solar software scales and travels with your business. One of the most important factors to look for when searching for the right tools for your sales team is the number of platforms it works on. From your desktop in the office to the tablet you take with you out in to the field, you need a system that works across platforms to help you make the sale.

Solargraf allows you to work from either the comfort of your home, or in the trenches out making the sale. No matter where you get your work done on your sales, it puts all the tools at your disposal.

The best apps also lend credibility to your business. It's not only important that it is powerful enough to handle turning your sales leads in to installations, but it also has to present itself in a way that is easily understood by the homeowner. Solargraf allows you to easily present your proposal to the prospective customer in a professional manner that accentuates what your company can do for them.

Just One Tool

Many tools out there just concentrate on one facet of your business. There's nothing wrong with specialization, but good luck when you try to get all your tools to talk to each other. If you really want to capture all the new installations out there and make a name for your business, why not just rely on one tool that can perform all the tasks you need before and after the sale.

Solargraf can:

  • Track current leads
  • Keep notes on prospective installs
  • Design quotes in seconds
  • Assign tasks & Get Notifications
  • Track weather reports
  • Deliver live solar news
  • Upload necessary files
  • Allows you to communicate with your team and a lot more

Built for Your Business

Some solar software requires you to shoehorn what you do in to what it does. The best apps turn that on its head, allowing you to tailor it to your business.

Besides customizing its dashboard to fit your business's specific installation criteria, Solargraf also allows you to specify employee access and restrictions from the ground up. By giving you complete control over how Solargraf functions within your business, it can help you deliver quotes in seconds instead of minutes.

Effect on Your Business

Just like any change you look to make for your business, your eyes should always be on the bottom line. The right solar software package should help you make more sales in less time, improving efficiency.

Solargraf's toolset allows you to negotiate with your prospective customer in real time, giving you the ability to triple your sales. Change the proposal on the fly and you can tweak proposals in the field, giving you complete control over the proposal even when you aren't in your office.

Solargraf's quotes deliver the proposal in eye-catching detail, giving even small, independent installers a great-looking, eye-catching quote that will impress the customer. You can take a proposal from start to finish in less than a minute, from the street corner in front of the home or the comfort of your couch. The dynamic tools that solar software solutions can provide you are nothing short of business-changing.


No matter what size your installation team is, Solargraf delivers the tools you need in a professional package designed to grow your business. To find out more about how Solargraf has changed solar installation for the better and helped companies to triple their sales inside the first month, contact our team today for a full demonstration. We'll show you everything Solargraf has to offer. Once you've seen what the power of Solargraf solar software can do for you, we think you'll be hooked on the most dynamic installation systems available today.

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